Location Blocks N4, N5, N8 & N7c
Interests Hansa 25-30%, ONE 25-30%, EBN 40-50%
Operator Hansa
Status Exploration
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Location Blocks G18, H16, M3 & N1
Interests Hansa 60%, EBN 40%
Operator Hansa
Status Exploration
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The 4Quads project is a key asset in the company’s portfolio. Hansa has been able to capitalise on its unique position in the adjacent H&L Blocks where new data and a revised understanding has allowed a play extension to be delineated in the adjacent 4Quads. With conventional prospective resources in excess of 2 tcf of gas-in-place, the 4Quads are a strategically significant potential resource for the Netherlands. In summer 2014, Hansa acquired a large 3D seismic survey over the 4Quads to better define the prospectivity.

“The 4Quads is a classic story about unlocking an over-looked play through applying modern seismic technologies, whilst holding on to our technical conviction contrary to conventional wisdom.”

Simon Lunn
Technical Director


The 4Quads licences are located in the Dutch North Sea adjacent to the German/Dutch median line with the mid-point 68 km north of the mainland. The water depth ranges from 27 m to 40m. The 4Quads are bounded to the east by the H&L blocks, in which Hansa has a 20% participating interest and to the south by the N04 GEms licence in which Hansa holds a 30% participating interest.

Current Ownership


Hansa Hydrocarbons (Operator)



Licence History

Hansa was awarded a 100% interest in the G18, H16, M3 and N1 Blocks (4Quads) offshore Netherlands in September 2012. In accordance with the Dutch Mining Law, EBN, the Dutch state entity, opted to participate in the licences at a level of 40%. In September 2015, Hansa reduced its interest to 30% following a farm-out to ENGIE E&P Nederland in return for back-costs and a carry on an exploration well. Following the decision by ENGIE E&P Nederland not to commit to drilling a well by the end of 2016, in accordance with the farm-out agreements the ENGIE interest reverted to Hansa in March 2017.

The current ownership of the licence interests are:

Hansa Hydrocarbons (operator)               60%
EBN                                                                              40%

Facts and numbers


Hansa awarded licences as operator

965 km²

of 3D seismic acquired in 2014

3.9 tcf

Kampen mean prospective resources of gas in place


The prospectivity identified in the 4Quads is an extension of the Lower Rotliegend Havel play that has been tested successfully in the adjacent H&L Blocks in Germany and is a significant producing reservoir onshore Germany in fields such as Soehlingen, amongst others. The recent L1-2 Well drilled in 2010 in the H&L Blocks in particular has demonstrated significant sand development in the area. In the 4Quads a mega closure (>100km2) has been mapped across the four blocks. This closure was tested by two NAM wells (G18-1 and H16-1) in the 1980s, both of which encountered gas in thin Carboniferous and Lower Rotliegend (Havel) sandstones. Proprietary work carried out by Hansa has demonstrated the likely development of thicker Havel Sandstones over SW and NE parts of the mega closure. Numerous prospects have been mapped within the mega closure, of which Kampen is the largest with mean GIIP of of 3.9 TCF (2.0 TCF within area covered by 4Quads 3D).

Work Program

In summer 2014, Hansa acquired a 965 km2 3D seismic survey across the prospective area. The processing of this seismic was completed in Q3 2015 and this will provide a better discrimination of the sand development in the area giving a more precise insight to the potential gas volumes in the area. Interpretation of the seismic volume and initial mapping of prospectivity was completed in early 2016. However the effect of interference by multiples on the target horizons led to a further refinement of the processed volume in late 2016 allowing more confidence to be had on the discrimination of reservoir sands at the basal Rotliegend. This has allowed the Kampen prospect to emerge as the preferred target for drilling the first well. All necessary environmental consents are in place for drilling a well prior to May 2018.

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Development Scenarios

After successful exploration the planning, construction and installation of the offshore production facilities will take two to three years. Gas would most likely be evacuated via the existing subsea T-piece in the NGT Pipeline 35km to the south avoiding any need for a land crossing the Wadden Islands. The proximity of the potential developments in the GEms and H&L blocks means that synergies could exist between the areas with minimal impact to the nearshore environment.
The potential scale of such a development makes the 4Quads of strategic importance to the Dutch economy.