Strategy & Business Model



Hansa Hydrocarbons is a rapidly growing full-cycle exploration and production company focused on the prolific gas basin which extends across the Southern North Sea including the UK, Dutch and German offshore sectors. Our activities specifically target conventional plays and do not include unconventional gas sources, such as shale gas or coal bed methane.

Our chosen area of focus lies at the heart of industrialized Western Europe, where existing resources of natural gas are in significant decline. As imports of gas increase and CO2 reduction targets remain in place, maximising the economic recovery of natural gas from the North Sea is therefore a shared goal of both government and industry. We support the view that natural gas should be the fuel of choice for transitioning the energy economy towards a sustainable low carbon future. Our aim of building a significant indigenous European gas production business is fully aligned with these objectives.

Now with a significant producing asset generating substantial cash flow, our efforts are now largely going into executing our work programs across our material portfolio of early-stage growth projects. Meanwhile we will continue to leverage our technical knowledge with a strong business focus to pursue further opportunities to grow the business through acquisition, farm-in and licence applications.


Business Model

Our business model is about recognising value in previously over-looked areas of undeveloped discoveries, prospects and plays where current incumbents have previously failed to see commercial opportunity.

We focus on the early stage of the E&P life cycle because it is where Hansa can create the most value and have the greatest influence on outcomes with modest exposure of capital. To do this requires technical excellence on the subsurface and combined with open and creative thinking.

For a small company, Hansa has built a significant in-house subsurface capability with an extensive database. We have successfully applied leading-edge technologies to gain better insights to old problems. Through integrating modern geo-science with risked-based development planning, we gain a superior understanding of value distributions that leads to better decisions. This approach enables the company to hold their technical conviction in the face of conventional wisdom.